Friday, March 22, 2013

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In addition to Certificates, participants will receive the following benefits below (1-8)
We are also offering 4 Additional Benefits to students at your school (9-12)

You may need to have students bring you a consent form

The Big Picture (From Guinness World Record Application)

1) Participants of Guinness World Record Attempt (Alphabetical Listing)

2) Environmental Hall of Fame (Photo of Your School Representative Receiving Award)

3) Group Photo of Students Holding Certificate of Participation in Guinness World Record Attempt

4) You Tube Video of Guinness World Record Attempt

5) Students Holding Art Work (Photos)

6) Student Art Work (Photos)

7a) Poster of 12 Best Artworks of Guinness World Record Attempt (Possible Fundraiser)

7b) Poster of 12 Best Artworks Related to the 12 Green Megatrend (Possible Fundraiser)

8) Fundraiser Champions and Sponsors - Students who have sold prints to Family, Friends, Classmates and Business. Includes Photo of Artwork sold and Names/Logos of Sponsors.

9) HOPE Award - Hero of Planet Earth Award Recipients and their Activities, Chosen by Principal

10) School Environmental Club Photo and Activities. Eligible for HOPE Award.

11) Environmental Science Fair - School Science Fair Projects with an Environmental Theme.
Eligible for Hope Award.

12) Environmental Curriculum - Student and Faculty Create 10 Q&A on Environmental Theme
(One of 12 Recommendations of US Mayors Climate Protection Act or 12 Green Megatrends).
Eligible for Hope Award.